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What to Expect (FAQs)

How long will my kitchen or bath remodel take?
A full renovation takes 6-8 weeks without use of the room.
What happens if you can't get materials on time?
We keep spare parts and pieces on hand in storage, so we can give you a temporary setup until your back-ordered parts are on hand. We won't start your project until the major components have arrived.
How do I prepare for my renovation?
Empty all cabinets and closets and remove all personal items from the room being renovated.

Remove breakable items from adjoining rooms (e.g., pictures from walls).
Do I need to have ideas ready for my initial consult?
You do not need to have any ideas, but please bring photo inspiration if you have that. For example, I can figure out a common tie with 6 random kitchens.
Do we need to be home during our renovation?
We are a flexible team, whether you are working from home or out of the state, we can secure the house when we are not there and use lockboxes.
How does payment for my remodel work?
It depends on the project. Payments are disbursed through 5 or 6 payments based on the scope of work, typically one-third is paid at signing.

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